Loan for self-employed without Credit bureau information

Are you looking for a loan for self-employed persons without Credit bureau information? The “gray” credit market offers loan offers for loans without Credit bureau, from vehicle leasing without Credit bureau to Credit bureau-free corporate investment. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take a very critical look at advertising.

Credit for self-employed without Credit bureau information – advertising

Credit for self-employed without Credit bureau information - advertising

When looking at advertising, a loan for self-employed persons without information about Credit bureau seems to be almost a normal loan. The flood of advertising hides the fact that it is a risk loan. Even with normal lending, the self-employed and freelancers encounter extreme credit hurdles. The advertising often gives a different impression.

Slogans such as “simple lending” or “we do not reject you” are almost always used. The internal alarm system goes off for every person in a “normal” life situation. Anyone looking for a Credit bureau-free credit solution often ignores the internal alarm signals. No matter what the advertising promises, Credit bureau-free loans for the self-employed cannot be easily granted from the perspective of the lender.

Loans without Credit bureau – see the lender side

Loans without Credit bureau - see the lender side

The alarm signals are also ringing for the potential investor. No financial professional lends his money without securing it as much as possible. For a loan without Credit bureau for the self-employed, a reputable lender must assume two different variants of a borrower. The unsuccessful businessman would be possible. With this variant, the borrower clings to any hope of averting the impending bankruptcy. The credit might postpone bankruptcy, but the total loss of money is inevitable.

The second variant is subject to criminal charges. Credit bureau-free loans have been used for money laundering worldwide. In this case, the money lent is safe, but the prosecutor could knock on the door soon. A simple procedure, such as a loan without Credit bureau together with the income from work, is therefore not an option from the perspective of the lender.



The better the conditions for a loan offer sound, the greater the risk of being cheated.

What should self-employed people look out for when lending without Credit bureau?

Not everyone who applies for a loan has real loan brokerage in mind. Other commission transactions attract. Offers that require the conclusion of insurance, a savings contract or the like are fundamentally dubious. Service numbers for recording the data are also a well-known fraud trick.

Before a contract is signed, all documents must be available and carefully studied. – Don’t forget the terms and conditions. It is not uncommon to find a sub-item where an additional guarantee or security deposit is required. The fee trap is also often hidden in the small print. A commission may only be payable in the event of success. Preliminary costs, expenses or similar items belong to the entrepreneurial risk of the provider.



You will find a loan for the self-employed without Credit bureau information, which is rarely offered seriously without comprehensive coverage. In this case, it is usually easier and, above all, safer to choose another credit method.

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